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    Classification and characteristics of BBQ Grill


    The BBQ Grill is a kind of barbecue equipment, which can be used to make barbecued food such as lamb skewers and barbecue. Outdoor grills can be divided into 3 types: charcoal grills, gas grills and electric grills. Among them, gas ovens and electric ovens are very popular because they have no oil fume and no pollution to products. Common types of barbecue stoves on the market include apple stove, rectangular stove, portable stove and so on. BBQ grills are classified into charcoal grills, gas grills, electric grills and microwave grills and solar grills.
    The biggest feature of the grill is that it can grill and fry food at the same time, or you can use one of its functions alone. Exquisite design and easy installation, it is a popular style in Europe and America, suitable for multi-person outdoor or family gatherings, adding interest.
    Direct barbecue: put the carbon in the center of the carbon rack of the BBQ Grill, and directly put the vegetables, meat, etc. on the grill for grilling;

    Indirect barbecue: ignite the charcoal and place it on both ends of the carbon rack, put vegetables, meat, etc. in the center of the grilling net, cover the stove, and cook the food by smoking.