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    What is the difference between gas fire pit and wood burning counterparts?


    Gas fire pitsfunction using liquid propane or natural gas and are much faster to light than their wood burning counterparts.Gas fire pittend to be smaller as well, on account of not having to hold large logs.Gas fire pitalso rely on a constant supply of gas, rather than wood, to provide light and warmth as an outdoor heating source for your backyard. You can see them typically feature push buttons for igniters or you can simply turn on the gas supply and light them up manually using lighting wicks.


    ·        Gas fire pitsare comparatively a lot easier to light up and they can get to their full flame faster than wood burning fire pits.

    ·        They are comparatively friendlier for the environment because they do not create any ashes or any other residue from the fire.

    ·        Propane is a clean burning fuel source in the sense that it does not produce the amount of smoke that wood does.

    ·        Gas fire pitsalso do not entail the risk of embers, which you can expect to get burnt with wood burning fire pits.

    ·        There are fewer chances of fire hazards due to the lack of sparks and embers.

    ·        They take up less space and do not require additional storage space for the logs.


    ·        TheGas fire pitscost significantly higher than wood burning fire pits.

    ·        Gas lines can be quite dangerous if they get ruptured. Gas pipes leading to the propane fire pit can also be a tripping hazard.

    ·        They require large propane fuel tanks to keep them going and you have to replace the tanks when they run out.

    ·        It takes fairly longer, and costs more, to install in your home when compared to a wood burning fire pit.

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