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    The barbecue oven needs several things


    No matter what your understanding of BBQ is, tools are indispensable to us. Some people think that a gas barbecue oven is enough, and the meaning is enough. I will tell you that you are wrong. The combination of barbecue and tools is a kind of enjoyment. The following small things are necessary for a barbecue oven ":

    1) Gloves. There are silicone and fireproof cloth.
    2) Carbon clip. When you bake to the point where you generally need to add charcoal, the hot charcoal mesh will become a problem worth thinking about.
    3) The price of silicone brushes varies from RMB 10 to 100. If you still use a brush to oil the sauce, I would like to ask you what kind of hair it is, how dirty it is, and basically only use it once after oil application, which is not conducive to environmental protection. The long-term healthy choice of silicone brushes is worth considering.

    4) The food clip with a knife function must pay attention to the high temperature during the barbecue, otherwise the good mood will disappear soon. The small food needs to change size and position during the barbecue. The multi-functional barbecue can help you pack light. If you bring a kitchen knife with you during the barbecue, you will feel that you are really good.