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    How to use the grill to cook delicious food?


    To eat barbecue is to eat its deliciousness, so how to use barbecue equipment to make the food taste better?
    1. First, lay a layer of charcoal on the charcoal net of the outdoor barbecue and pile it into a pyramid shape, pour in alcohol and other combustion accelerants and let the charcoal fully absorb, about one minute, light the pre-prepared strip of paper and put it into the furnace , the charcoal begins to burn;
    2. The charcoal began to burn, accompanied by a small amount of black smoke, and now the grilling net was added;
    3. After burning for half an hour, the open flame gradually decreases or disappears, and the surface of the charcoal appears white gray, indicating that the ideal barbecue temperature has been reached.
    4. Place the food that needs to be grilled evenly on the grill, and strive to heat the food evenly everywhere;
    5. Adjust the position of the food according to the needs during the barbecue process, so that all parts are heated evenly;

    6. When grilling, don't forget to smear a small amount of oil on the food skewers, and flip the food from time to time, so that the grilled food tastes more fragrant and is not easy to burn.