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    Portable Fire Pits Rules & Regulations


    Campfires are often seen as a requirement for any camping trip, but fires on public lands, such as national parks, state parks, and national forests are often highly regulated. 

    Most outdoor recreation areas will have a long list of rules that you need to follow, whether you’re looking to start a fire in a stone fire ring or use a portablefire pit. Here’s what you need to know:

    ·Know The Law. Land managers are notoriously unforgiving for fire rules violations. This is for good reason – some 90% of US wildfires are caused by humans each year. Before you go anywhere, be sure to check in on the local laws to see if your fire pit is allowed.

    ·Get A Permit. In many places, you need to have a fire permit to have a campfire or even to use a camping stove while on public lands. Currently, California is one of the only states in the US that mandates campfire permits for every public land user. However, many parks and forests now have required fire safety permits for their visitors.

    ·Consult Campground Hosts. If you’re staying at a developed campground, be sure to ask the hosts or managers before you use a portablefire pit. Many campgrounds already have fire rings at each site. So, you may not be allowed to use your own portablefire pitat your campsite.